First responders reflect on six month anniversary of Hurricane Michael

Dougherty Co. EMA 6 Months Since Michael

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Wednesday marked six months since Hurricane Michael ripped through Southwest Georgia, leaving devastation in its wake.

That day, WALB spent nine and a half hours on the air, making sure you had the information you needed when it counted.

Southwest Georgia’s first responders were also right in the center of the storm, working tirelessly that night and for the past six months since Michael.

Hurricane Michael left Southwest Georgia completely in the dark for days.

Six months later, the first responders who battled the devastating conditions reflect on their time in the midst of it after the storm.

“It created a situation of trying to figure out how to get back to where the victim was at,” said Emergency Medical Services Director Sam Allen.

First responders drove around downed trees and power lines, getting to 44 911 calls in under four hours that night. But the storm created a first for the crews.

“This is something we’ve never run into before, called medical fragile patients,” Allen said.

People needing power for their medical devices had to be transported to the hospital and it had to be done fast.

“But this was a new first for us, but we’re ready for it if it ever happens again,” said Allen.

Allen said his crews were so ready to help, he had to keep them from driving straight into the storm to answer the 911 calls.

“What you normally know as a regular intersection, you didn’t recognize it because of all the storm debris and the road signs gone,” Allen said.

Even more than the work they did during the storm and in the weeks after, Allen said they were using what they saw and experienced to make them more than ready for anything the county may encounter again.

“If it happens again, we’ll be that much better and prepared for it,” said Allen.

Allen said they prepared days before the storm, learning from the 2017 storms and they’ll continue to prepare in the unfortunate event of any more storms.

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