Atlanta Falcons host youth football camp

Atlanta Falcons Bootcamp

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Former Atlanta Falcons players hosted a large youth camp in Albany at Monroe High School.

Good sportsmanship on and off the field was the first drill practiced at Wednesday’s Atlanta Falcons Youth Bootcamp.

More than 400 kids piled onto the Monroe High School football field to take away the fundamentals of football.

“They reached out to us looking for a host site, to host it in Southwest Georgia. And how could we turn down the Atlanta Falcons,” said Assistant Principal Louis Cobb.

Boys and girls ranging from ages seven to 13 participated in several drills and routines to sharpen their skills.

Kyle Williams, a sixth grader at Robert A. Cross Middle School, said he was excited to take advantage of the opportunity.

“I feel like it’s going to help me get more worked out and help me with my footwork and help me get better at my position,” said Williams.

But the bootcamp is not just about crafting these kids skills, but making sure their morals and educational direction is in order above all else.

Retired Falcons player Bobby Butler said a football player will only play for an average of three years and kids need to have a game plan after having a life in the league.

“Get your college degree, because whatever you do after football, you’re going to do it longer, you’re going to be a professional longer than you play football,” said Butler.

Butler encouraged all kids attending, to keep chasing their dreams on and off field.

“You cannot give up, you’re just that close to your goals, you’ve gotta be a person of excellence, you gotta be willing to outwork somebody for your dream,” said Butler.

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