Albany approves next phase in transportation project

DOCO Transportation Station Plans

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Albany city commissioners gave the OK to move forward with the Albany Transportation Center project.

The city plans to spend $1.42 million to buy two properties from Destiny Travel, one at 300 W. Oglethorpe Boulevard and the other at 303 Highland Avenue.

City Attorney Nathan Davis said he is excited for the next step in the project.

“What we are doing now is trying to take the steps, get ownership of the property and then move forward like you say with architects and engineers and eventually some bulldozers show up and get going," said Davis.

Davis said it was very important to make sure that the community knew where the city is currently with the project.

“We disclosed what is going on to the public, which is a good thing, now the public knows, I hope, that we are moving forward. We hope to get a satisfactory contract and satisfactory real estate closing, record a deed,” said Davis.

Transportation Director David Hamilton said this project has taken longer than what was expected.

“The environmental progress taken a whole lot longer than we expected. That kind of threw the project off a little bit so, since we are now going into the property acquisition stage and also into the design phase, we will now be working with our consultant to come up with a new revised schedule,” explained Hamilton.

Hamilton said he is excited for the new transportation center because the current one is old and out-dated.

“We will have some new amenities in there, some community feel, also incorporate some historical pieces of that area too, as well. Again, it is a wonderful opportunity, wonderful opportunity for the city of Albany as well as the passengers of Albany transit,” said Hamilton.

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