Cook Co. schools setting up students for educational success

Cook Co. schools setting up students for educational success

COOK CO., GA (WALB) - The Cook County School System is implementing what they’re calling a new and innovative program to set students up for success in education.

The system is hosting its Baby Hornets Round-Up for kids from birth through age 3.

The program was created to improve literacy throughout Cook County and prepare students ahead of pre-K.

During the program, officials will be teaching the parents good practices for early literacy.

Federal Programs Director Becky Ratts said that they are also screening the children for early signs of developmental or learning delays that may need to be checked out.

“It will help identify language issues, cognitive issues, social issues, just a lot of things that maybe as a young parent, I didn’t know even to look for. Maybe I didn’t know what my child should be able to do by age 4-months," said Ratts.

Ratts said that the program has been growing since its inception.

They are expecting to have 80+ children and their parents in attendance.

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