Dougherty Co. leaders unveil mock-up of new rezoning notices after complaints

Rezoning signs redesigned after complaints

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - New signs may help with those upset over zoning issues in Dougherty County.

The rezoning notices are being redesigned to make them more eye-catching for you as you drive past them.

Many in Dougherty County are worried old signs may be the reason they’re missing out on public hearings and the chance to voice their concerns.

“If you want it in red, you want it in blue, I just want it big enough where mom, sister, they will see it from the road,” said Victor Edwards, a Dougherty County commissioner.

The concern comes after neighbors said they weren’t made aware of new businesses coming to their areas, like a solar panel farm and a liquor store.

“People can’t see the signs, or they didn’t know there was a sign there, they didn’t read the signs,” said Paul Forgey, the Planning Commission director.

The Planning Commission unveiled a mock up of a new rezoning sign, one that will hopefully end the confusion.

A mock-up of the potential new zoning notices. (Source: WALB)
A mock-up of the potential new zoning notices. (Source: WALB)

“It’s to grab your attention. And provide all the information to evaluate the case if you need to, but really just to get your attention,” said Forgey.

The new signs will also be around four feet by five feet, almost twice the size of the current ones.

“We’re going to put two signs at a forty-five degree angle, so you’ll be able to see them driving from either direction or across the street,” Forgey said.

While the information on the signs won’t change, the delivery will.

“I think that will help us on all zoning issues,” said Edwards.

The Planning Commission will take into consideration the feedback they received from commissioners Monday.

They’re hoping to bring another mock-up to the board in the next couple of weeks.

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ADDU Commander Ryan Ward said the gear is supposed to be replaced every five years.

But because they haven’t had funding to buy new vests, investigators have been using the same vests for 10 years now.

“I would rather have these vests now, and be safe, then be sorry later,” said Ward.

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While commissioners said they would buy the new gear for the officers on Monday if they could, they will actually vote whether to spend the money on the vests at the next meeting.

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