Dougherty Co. fire station needs new generator to keep the lights on during storms

Albany Firestation Generators

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - A Dougherty County fire station is in need of a new generator to make sure first responders can operate during storms.

A building vital to Dougherty County first responders needs a little more than $100,000 in upgrades.

County leaders said the fire station on Hill Road has been the place where neighbors take shelters during storms.

They say residents made use of the safety and the generators in the building during the January 2017 tornadoes and Hurricane Michael.

Now the generators need to be replaced for $100,000.

“This fire station became a hub for that community. They went there to try to get some sense of normalcy, try to plug in their cell phones and such,” said Facilities Management Director, Heidi Minnick.

The funding will come from SPLOST VII.

A. West Enterprises out of Albany would complete the upgrades.

Commissioners will vote whether to spend the money at their next meeting.

More from County Commission:

A program in Dougherty County is working to cut the rate at which kids return to detention centers in half.

Juvenile Court Judge Johnnie Graham said rather than automatically sending children who commit crimes to the centers, they have a program that keeps them at home.

As long as the kids and their family members seek help from counselors.

Graham said the offenders have only a 35% rate of going back to the detention center, where as those who just go straight into the center return behind bars at a 65% rate.

“It costs 90 thousand dollars a year to keep a kid in an RYDC and if you can him at home and restructure the family’s approach to problems and problem solving, we think that it’s worth it,” said Graham.

Graham has asked County Commissioners to approve a memorandum of understanding.

It would allow her to apply for an almost half a million dollar grant to further fund the program.

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