Albany law enforcement on the lookout for distracted drivers all month

GA Highway Safety Presser

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - For those who may have seen a heavy police presence on Albany’s Gillionville Road Monday, the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety said spotters were out giving tickets to distracted drivers, and they’ll be out there all week.

Several law enforcement agencies will be out during Distracted Driver Awareness Month.

Reducing the number of deaths and injuries from distracted driving is one of the top priorities for the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Georgia State Patrol as well as the Albany Police Department.

The director of Law Enforcement Services for the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety said they’ve made huge strides when they adopted the Hands Free Law.

However, we’re told many drivers are still reaching for their phones, food and other items.

During this week, Georgia State Patrol, the Albany Police Department and other law enforcement agencies will set up across town, watching for two things, any distracted driving violation and seat belt violations.

Leaders said they don’t want to give out tickets, but they are tired of working deadly or serious crashes that could’ve been prevented.

“Being a distracted driver is a choice. If you choose to be distracted, we’re going to choose to pull you over and make a case against you for being one of those that could cause harm or death to someone else driving a vehicle,” said Lt. Maurice Raines with the Georgia State Patrol.

WALB was told that the number of deaths have dropped slightly in the state in the last two years, but still there’s been over 1,500 traffic deaths each year in the last three years.

Again, spotters will be out heavily this week, but they will also be out for the entire month checking for violators.

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