Dawson residents complain about high water bills

Dawson Water Meter Complaints

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - The City of Dawson says over a hundred people have complained about high water bills and errors in meter reading.

Interim City Manager, James Woods, says he’s seen close to a hundred and fifty people come to him, saying their meters are being misread. He said after checking them all, only three were not read properly.

Woods says former employees are to blame for issues with those three.

“When they get a large bill it concerns them and unfortunately we had a situation where we had some former employees that were not doing their job,” says Woods.

He says if you live in Dawson, and feel like your water bill is larger than usual, find your meter, and look at the first four digits to see if the numbers match your bill.

“Take their own bill and they will look on that bill and it shows them what their meter reading was whenever their bill was read. If they go out and look it will be the first four digits on their meter face,” says Woods.

Woods says he has seen a few people whose water bills had increased due to water leaks.

“The quicker we catch that leak the better off we are because that is money that is going through the meter, the customers going to have to pay for it and so the quicker we can catch that the less it is going to cost the customer," says Woods.

Woods says you can also go to City Hall and he will look at your water bill.

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