‘I’ve built a career out of this’

Former employees talk time with WALB

Former employees talk importance of working at WALB

VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - In the 65 years of WALB, the station has seen several employees come and go, giving many opportunities straight out of college.

“I’ve built a career out of this," Marcus McConico, a former WALB photojournalist, said.

“It kind of made me a stronger person and a stronger reporter," Ashlyn Becton, former WALB Thomasville Bureau reporter, said.

McConico and Becton both landed jobs at WALB straight out of their undergrad years.

“It was in May of 2016 that I got my job and graduated," Becton said.

Becton worked as a reporter for two years and McConnico worked as a photojournalist and camera man for five, starting back in 2003. The pair says they learned skills that they still use to this day.

“The training that I got at the station was incredible," McConico said. “I learned more, probably in the first three months there than I did in my four years in school and I think I got great training in school.”

“Anything from editing to photography, I was constantly improving that as I went through my years at Channel 10 and constantly improving storytelling because there is an art to that," Becton said.

Excited to work in the business, they both shared that they were grateful for the opportunity.

“I was just thrilled to be working at the time and working in the business," McConico said. “There’s so many people who graduate with communications degrees and never ever work in TV like they would like to.”

Both with a foundation built by the station, McConico said he didn’t know where he might be if he never had the opportunity to work for WALB.

“I don’t know. It was my first job out of college. It led to everything else that I’ve done afterwards. I have no clue what my path would have been," McConico said.

And for that, they are thankful and wishing WALB all the best.

“To WALB, congrats on 65 years," Becton said. “We love having you as a resource here in the Valdosta community and in South Georgia, so please we hope for another 65 years. Congrats to all the reporters and behind the scenes folks that have made these 65 years possible.”

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