Editing technology changes over the years for WALB

Technology changes for WALB over the years

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - One of the many major changes over WALB’s 65 years is the editing technology.

News editing has moved from editing tape to tape on a reel recorder to the use of non-linear software.

Marcus McConico, a former WALB photographer, said its easier and faster to edit with the new programs.

McConnico recalled what it was like editing tape to tape when he first started in the business.

“It’s really no different that this," he said. “It’s just a lot more time consuming where you just drag and drop. There you actually just record it from one tape to the edit tape, each and every tape that you’re putting down on to your final edit.”

McConico also said that the new technology allows the editor more options for things like color correction, story transitions, and sound effects.

There are a number of editing programs available, but the WALB newsroom uses a program called Edius.

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