Cynthia Hunkley talks about classic WALB show ‘Town and Country’

Cynthia Hunkley talks about classic WALB show 'Town and Country'

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Cynthia Hunkley is a face you may recongize from one of WALB’s classic shows.

Hunkley, now Cynthia George, started out as a host for the “Town and Country” show with Gil Patrick in 1979.

Hunkley said she was working as a staff person on the United Way committee when Doug Oliver called her about the job.

After she got home after the interview with Gil Patrick, Hunkley recalled, and her husband asked about the pay, she said she was flooded with excitement to even ask.

“I didn’t even think to ask, I was so excited, it really didn’t matter at that point what it would pay but it turned out to be, probably one of the best things that I’ve ever done for my career,” Hunkley said. “And also, just personally, it was an awesome experience.”

George said she did several telethons when she worked for the show.

She worked at WALB for four years.

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