Haven Brady’s road to glory story

haven brady's journey to nationals

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The Brady name has come up quite a bit these past few weeks.

But it’s because he continues to defy odds, and put South Georgia on the map.

Since the age of 6, Haven Brady Jr. has been drawn to the ring.

Knowing his talent would one day shine and it seems as if those days are finally upon him.

In this past year, he took his first golden glove, had 13 of his last 17 matches called, and placed second at nationals.

“Haven, obviously you’ve had a really successful year," said reporter John Barron. "Just tell us what you contribute that success to.”

“All the hard work that I put in the past," said Brady. "All the long hours, all the long road trips, the sparing. The extra time in the gym is paying off and this is what I’ve been waiting for.”

Brady says this years success started back in late 2018, when he took down the number 2 guy in the nation in his weight class.

Putting him in the position he desired.

“Definitely it was a stepping stone," said Brady. "I knew it was going to be a tough fight when I had seen I was fighting him. But I knew I had it in me. When I won, I said that’s a good thing that I beat him. So that let me know that I could beat all the other people under him.”

But the number one spot remained, and when the time came at the national tournament, Brady took down the number one seed, to reach the finals.

“When the final call came in,” said Brady, “I knew it was a close fight, but I knew I did enough to pull it out. And, it was a great opportunity to beat him.”

And always sitting in his corner, is his coach and father. Who says we could see the Brady name, on an even bigger stage in the future.

“He’s gunna go pro" said Father Haven Brady. "He’s gunna go pro. He’s pretty good. He beat up pros now in sparing. So, he could do it.”

It seems as if the sky’s the limit for the Brady name, hopefully one day, he will take the big stage and be crowned the best around.

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