Proud to be a Farmer: Brian Goolsby

Proud to be a Farmer: Brian Goolsby

TERRELL CO., GA (WALB) - Agriculture, especially peanut farming, is part of life in South Georgia. The peanut that comes out of these fields touches everyone.

“Agriculture touches everbody in some shape, way or fashion,” Brian Goolsby, a Terrell County farmer, said.

Goolsby and his family know a thing or two about farming.

“My great granddaddy moved from Talbot County to here in 1922,” Goolsby said.

Farming the land in Terrell County ever since and during that time, the Goolsby family has seen more than a few changes in peanut farming.

“Great granddaddy started with a mule and a plow,” Goolsby said. “And then they went to tractors in the 50s. And now, we have guidance on tractors and plant twelve rows at a time.”

You can control a lot of this equipment from an iPhone,"
Goolsby said.

Technology has helped the peanut farmer be more efficient, but can’t replace time missed with the family.

“They have to put up with the long hours that we have to put in and they bring us lunch and supper to the field,” Goolsby said.

Hard work and long hours are a part of being a farmer and for the Goolsby family, peanut farming is a creating family memories.

“Fondest memories was seeing they riding with daddy and granddaddy and we were turning up peanuts and he was talking about how good they were," Goolsby recalled.

Ever since Goolsby could remember, he knew he wanted to be a farmer.

“I knew I was going to be a farmer,” Goolsby said. “I worked with my daddy on the farm when I was younger and I’ve always enjoyed farming, watching the crop into a bountiful harvest.”

The Goolsbys know that the peanuts they produce are helping build our economy.

“Agriculture is the biggest industry in the state and in our community here, it’s the biggest industry,” Goolsby said.

Peanut farmers and everyone in the peanut industry are an important economic drivers of our local economy.

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