‘A Different World’ actress visits Albany, may film new movie in the Good Life City

Charnele Brown ASU Lecture series

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Many of you may remember the television show “A Different World.” Actress Charnele Brown, from the show, spoke to Albany State University students Wednesday.

Brown spoke about overcoming hardships, reminding students to have confidence in themselves.

She also mentioned filming her next movie right here in the Good Life City.

After being turned down for countless roles on television and Broadway because of the color of her skin or the fact that she’s a woman, Brown wanted to tell students at ASU the importance of not giving up.

A crowd of people cheered at Albany State University, engrossed in a message about overcoming adversity.

“A lot of people outside are putting a lot of negative stuff into our kids. And they believe it because they know nothing else,” said Brown.

Brown became successful, performing on Broadway and “A Different World,” but she said it wasn’t always that way.

“You’re out there with people putting things in your ears constantly. What they do is they mold you into what they want you to be,” explained Brown.

Brown was turned down from roles because of the color of her skin. She said many would say she’s too dark before even seeing her act.

“With me, a lot of people have said a lot of rotten things about me. But it bounces off because I know I’m not,” said Brown.

Whether people think your skin is too dark or too light, they think you’re too fat or too skinny, too dumb, too smart or frankly just not enough, Brown told students all they need to do is believe in themselves, saying the rest is just noise.

“You can’t ignite a fire without the match. And usually, we’re the match,” said Brown.

Brown was so touched by her visit to Albany, she said that maybe God brought her here to see it as the new location for her film, “Coffee Pot”.

We don’t know when filming or casting could start, but Brown said the story is about four women dealing with issues in a quaint town. We’ll keep you updated with any new information.

The lecture series will continue throughout the year, working to inspire the community.

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