Proud to be a Farmer: Jan Jones

Proud to be a Farmer: Jan Jones

DECATUR CO., GA (WALB) - Jan Jones and her family have been farming on their land for decades.

“We’ve been on this land for almost a hundred years,” Jones said.

Jones grew up in a farming family, however, farming was not her first choice.

“I ended up farming, it was kind of a misadventure," Jones said. “I went to college at Mercer University. I graduated in 2012 with an English degree and I had a brief teaching stint.”

Jones said she was applying for other jobs and working day-to-day with her father.

“And he put me to work,” she added.

Jones’ father put her in charge of the hay operations — “cutting, rolling and wrapping the hay,” she said.

"That was kind of my entrance into agriculture, into our farm operations and it just grew from there,” Jones added.

Even though Jones discovered her passion for farming as a second career, her love for peanuts started early.

“One of my first childhood memories of peanuts is selling boiled peanuts at Jones Country Meats in Climax,” Jones said. “My family owns a small meat packing company. My two younger sisters and I, we would sell boiled peanuts every summer.”

The demand for American-produced products like peanuts, grown here in South Georgia, is helping drive our economy and feeding the world.

“American agriculture is a global industry,” Jones said. “It’s huge responsibility because we are feeding and clothing the world and it’s pretty awesome to be a part of that.”

Even though American agriculture is a global industry, being a part of the local community still resonates with Jones.

“Being such a big part of our community, it feels really nice to be able to support our community,” Jones said. “Especially when you’re from such a small town like Climax. We don’t have a lot of industry going on. There’s agriculture and that’s about it and to be able to provide jobs for an otherwise undeserved area is pretty awesome.”

In South Georgia, agriculture is the leading the industry with producing peanuts at the heart of it.

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