Illegal dumping increasing in East Albany

Illegal dumping increasing in East Albany

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Another illegal dumping site has been found in East Albany Monday.

Alex McClendon said he was driving home when he came across furniture on the corner of Pearce Avenue and Thornton Drive.

He called city commissioner Jon Howard to visit the site, which he said makes the community look bad.

“When it doesn’t cost no more or nothing and it’s free. Six days a week you can take it to the dump. You can take 250 pounds per day. So why should we have to dump? It was already loaded on the vehicle. Why didn’t you just take it on to the dump yourself,” said McClendon.

Public Works will clean up the site Tuesday morning.

The commissioner encourages people to call 311 to report the illegal sites and to use the landfill to discard your items.

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