Dougherty Co. code enforcement to check code violations from Hurricane Michael damage

Dougherty Co. code enforcement to check code violations from Hurricane Michael damage
Dougherty County commissioners

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - If your home or business is still in need of repair after Hurricane Michael, you could see a notice on your door soon.

The Dougherty County Code Enforcement Office will start sending courtesy notices for property owners to clean any debris left after the storm.

If you don’t do so within 30 days, legal action can be taken.

There have been 77 complaints from neighbors about storm debris still scattered in yards across Dougherty County and the number is rising.

“Because of people’s expectations, their neighbors should have cleaned their property by now,” said Chief Code Enforcement Officer Robert Carter.

County commissioners and code enforcement officers agreed to wait these past six months to give people a chance to contact insurance companies and hire contractors.

County leaders said it’s simply time to get the county back to where it was before the storm.

“So again, it’s like we tolerate it. And I want to see public pride reinstalled,” said Commissioner Victor Edwards.

This goes for home and business owners.

Officers said fallen bricks and shingles need to be replaced, downed signs need to be put upright.

“We address those with a courtesy notice. Let them know what’s expected,” said Carter.

If nothing is changed or improved, legal action is next. With the only exception being tarps on roofs, waiting for backlogged contractors to repair them.

“Give them a time frame, usually about 30 days to comply, and if they don’t, unfortunately, enforcement action will be the next step,” Carter said.

You can make a complaint by calling 311.

The office is solely complaint driven right now, meaning they can’t open a case until a complaint is made.

More from the Dougherty County Commission:

Dougherty County leaders may be spending more than half a million dollars to renovate a parking garage.

The garage is on Pine Avenue across from the downtown library.

The east and west parking decks haven’t been updated since the 1990s.

County leaders said there was never any funding to do the job before now. They said now they have the money for it allocated in SPLOST VII.

They recommend hiring Metro Waterproofing, Inc. out of Scottsdale, Georgia.

Commissioners were also made aware that while the initial bid is set at a little more than $580,000, they need to plan for contingencies.

That’s because they think the job could end up costing hundreds of thousands more to fix correctly.

“We came up with a plan of between $700,000 and $1 million they felt was a good cushion as to what it should cost to be repaired. That’s because when you start the repairs there’s always going to be hidden things that come up, there’s going to be hidden unknowns so we need to make sure we have enough funding to fund that as well,” said Facilities Management Director Heidi Minnick.

The renovation should take around 120 days once it is approved and then started.

The garage will be closed at times as the project is being completed.

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