Chehaw’s splash pad to reopen

Chehaw Splash Pad

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - With the weather getting warmer, Chehaw said it is excited to announce that it is just a few weeks away from opening its splash pad.

Don Meeks, the executive director of Chehaw, said that they are just waiting on the county to do a final inspection and then they can open it.

Meeks said that the Dougherty County Rotary Club gave Chehaw two grants.

The first grant will be used to place pavilions inside the splash pad for space. The second grant will go to place a new feature into the splash pad.

“We ran it last year and it was very successful last year, and everybody is waiting this year. It is still a little cold, 60 degrees in the morning is not quite comfortable enough to be in the water, but basically we are ready to get it open and do a full season this year,” said Meeks.

Chehaw plans to have the splash pad open until the weather does not allow it anymore. The park also said that it is still in the process of fully recovering after Hurricane Michael.

Chehaw Zoo still recovering after Hurricane Michael. (Source: WALB)
Chehaw Zoo still recovering after Hurricane Michael. (Source: WALB)

Tommy Gregors is helping Chehaw and said volunteers have really helped get the debris off the roadways for them.

“Early work was taken care of by volunteers and staff just to get debris off of exhibits and get things sort of passable and get it safe for the visitors,” said Gregors.

Gregors said that the zoo was hit hard during Hurricane Michael and officials are currently in the process of getting all attractions in the zoo reopen.

“A lot of it we really could not do until we got a full assessment done by FEMA and GEMA representatives, working on that now, trying to get sections open back up," explained Gregors.

Chehaw said it it looking forward to the community coming out and supporting the park this spring and summer.

“We need that public support to bring those funds in so we can bring the park back to the standards that it was," said Gregors.

Gregors said until all attractions at the zoo are back up and running, zoo prices will be half price.

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