Worth Co. Superintendent: “ We will move forward”

Bill Settle Responds

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - The search begins for a new principal of Worth County High School.

This comes after the school board accepted Harley Calhoun’s letter of resignation at a board meeting Thursday.

Superintendent Bill Settle said he’s interviewing four people next week to fill the principal’s position.

That isn't the only position he'll have to fill as three to four teachers at the high school submitted their resignations this week as well.

Settle said ultimately, the school will move forward.

Board meeting after board meeting.

Protests, and parent gatherings.

The last month or so has been heavy on the hearts of those impacted by the decisions of the Worth County Board of Education.

“I’m trying to do what I believe is best for Worth County Schools in the long run,” he said.

It all started when Settle posted Principal Harley Calhoun’s position online.

It’s what lit the fire under students.

Bill Settle. (Source: WALB)
Bill Settle. (Source: WALB)

“I like Mr. Calhoun, I don’t have any argument with the characterization of what you hear others saying about him being a nice guy and all that,” Settle explained.

When I asked him about the recommendation he made to not renew his contract, he said it had to do with graduation rates and test scores.

“That’s not all of it but that’s part of the equation,” he said.

He referred me to the Georgia Department of Education’s website. It shows that in 2017, the school had an 82% graduation rate. In 2018, it was at 78%.

Settle said now he’s focused on bringing in highly qualified applicants.

“(Was principal Calhoun not qualified?) I’m not going to speak about personnel. There is a difference between qualified and effectiveness."

He assured me his priority is the students, just not when it comes to disclosing personnel issues.

“They don’t know the whole picture. This is not a student conversation, this is an adult conversation.”

Settle also said he felt like the student protests wasn't a student grown movement, and that he recommended Calhoun's non-renewal from a business prospective.

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