Man arrested for reportedly using business bank accounts to pay bills

Fraud Ring Arrests

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - Ashburn police now have a man in custody they said used the accounts of his former employers, to pay his debts.

Dominique Ward, 28, was arrested Thursday.

Law enforcement said he took just over $4,000 from Southland Ford and Lakeview Auto Sales’ bank accounts in Ashburn.

Detectives also told WALB that the suspect owed several people money, so he used banking information to pay their bills and pay them back.

Officers said those charges were then reversed, leaving those bills unpaid.

The victims didn’t know how he was paying the bills and officers said Ward was a former employee for the car lots.

Ward was charged in 2018 with forgery, for stealing checks from Lakeview, and writing them to himself.

Detectives said they’re working on warrants for his charges. He is facing nine counts of computer theft for using ACH to make the payments.

Officers believe there may be more money missing and more victims.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Ashburn Police Department at (229) 567-2323.

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