‘I pray that the lives of my children save the lives of others’

Family and friends say goodbye to Hackle siblings

‘I pray that the lives of my children save the lives of others’

VIDALIA, GA (WALB) - A family is saying goodbye after the lives of two of their own were taken from them.

The family of Mercedes Hackle and Ronnie “Wayne” Hackle came together Thursday for a funeral to lay their loved ones to rest.

“Their memories will live on," Sue Tootle, the sibling’s mother, said. "I pray that the lives of my children save the lives of others.”

Lives that were cut short — a sad reality Tootle is faced to deal with after losing her young children.

On Thursday, members of the Hackle family asked for peace the two siblings.

“He was, for the most part, he was happy, full of life and energy. He was just, he loved people. He was just a wonderful young man who loved his momma,”
Sue Tootle on her son Ronnie
"She was my little beauty queen. She was my little drama queen. She just was so full of life and so loving and so intelligent and beautiful. She was just beautiful,”
Sue Tootle on her daughter Mercedes

The emotions still high just days after Bobbielynn Moore’s family laid her to rest.

Not only is Tootle forced to mourn the loss of her children, but the loss of Moore, her future daughter-in-law.

"I love her. She was so sweet, and my son was crazy about her. They were talking about trying to have a baby and getting married. I was so excited about it,”
Sue Tootle on her future daughter-in-law Bobbielynn

Now the excitement is gone.

Tootle said she’s left living in a fog of what could have been.

WALB asked Tootle what life would be like moving forward and she said she didn’t “really know right now.”

“I’m taking it one day at a time,” Tootle said. "That’s all I know to do.”

Tootle said that she’s been in contact with Moore’s family because she thinks their children would want them to come together.


The Georgia Bureau of Investigation continues to investigate the case and those facing charges in connection to the Hackles and Moore’s deaths remain behind bars.

Jonathan Vann and Keyante Greene were charged in connection to their deaths and have been in jail for at least a week.

The Berrien County Sheriff’s Office previously confirmed that Vann was Denied bond.

Greene was offered a $10,000 bond.

Even if he makes bond, Greene is also being held on probation charges and would have to make bond in Atkinson County before a possible release, officials said. .

“This a very important case to law enforcement in general and to all us in our community, Ray Paulk, Berrien County sheriff, said. “We’re just working very hard to get the facts and to make the case we need to make.”

Both suspects have yet to be processed in Atkinson County for of their charges.

WALB reached out to the district attorney for the area to see when the suspects could see their day in court but have received no response.

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