A life on the water

Parker Guy is apart of the Irwin County fishing team, and is apart of the BassMaster All-State team

a life on the water

OCILLA, GA (WALB) - Parker Guy is one of the many kids around the state of Georgia who believe fishing is so much more then just a hobby.

He’s one of the few that have had the opportunity to turn his passion, into success.

“Basically, just feeling that little tick on the end of your rod and just setting the hook. It just never gets old,” said Guy.

Some consider fishing as a way to relax, or a hobby.

For Parker Guy, he’s turned that into passion and success.

He and his partner Peyton Dunn have won three tournaments, and finished 4th in state, awarding him as one of the only two to be named to BassMasters all-state team.

But the success he’s had, he credits to his father, who happens to be his coach.

“Oh yeah, it’s definitely paid off. We go fishing basically every weekend," said Guy. "I mean, it’s very odd if we don’t go fishing on the weekends. We fish all the time and it’s really paid off. I mean, we’ve put in a whole lot of work, a lot of money, a lot of time on the road and I’m just glad to see it pay off.”

Josh Guy is proud to see his son excel in something he's passionate about.

As a father, and a coach, it’s something he always dreamed of.

“You know, you always dream for your child to be the best at anything," said Josh Guy. "At the rate he’s going, I can see him making it a lot further in this sport.”

But all the success in the world, could never overshadow the time that he and his son have spent together.

“Just the memories of traveling on the road,” said Josh Guy, “every weekend, traveling somewhere to fish in, that’s what means the most. Just spending time with your kids.”

For Parker, he’ll keep fishing, and probably winning, but he will always remember these times with his dad.

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