Arlington residents say there are bigger problems than mayor and police chief

Arlington Police Chief Reaction

ARLINGTON, GA (WALB) - After the mayor of Arlington issued two letters of termination to the city’s police chief, community members are saying there are bigger problems to worry about.

Both letters have since been revoked.

Ask anyone in Arlington and they’ll tell you that in this city, community curbs conflict.


“We are a small community and we need to stick together,” said Joanne Miller, who lives in the city.

Miller said this after learning Mayor Raymond Williams served Arlington’s Police Chief, Donald Bryant, with termination letters twice in the last week.

“We were all upset about it,” she said.

She said she doesn’t know the mayor’s reasoning exactly, but is happy the chief is still in his position.

She also said she doesn’t fault either of them.

“Well I was just hoping that they could get it together and straighten it out,” Miller explained.

Joanne Miller. (Source: WALB)
Joanne Miller. (Source: WALB)

Unlike one woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, who said she doesn’t see why the mayor wanted the chief terminated.

“I just don’t understand our mayor and why he is so against him and why he feels like he is a threat,” the woman said.

The mayor and chief reached an agreement Monday to work together.

Something this woman said is needed.

“I think instead of them worrying about the chief of police, they need to be fixing our roads in Arlington, Georgia,” one woman said.

This woman also said as taxpayers, it’s important for city leaders to be on one accord.

“If we can resolve some of our bigger problems instead of the smaller things we can do better,” one woman explained.

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