Food sales resume at Ashburn store after rodent infestation cleaned up

Food sales resume after inspections

ASHBURN, GA (WALB) - You can now buy food at Fred’s Store in Ashburn, after inspections shut down food sales temporarily.

According to the Georgia Department of Agriculture, prior inspections showed a rodent infestation on the sales floor and in the stockroom. Director of Public Afffairs, Julie McPeake, said they went to the store several times after the store failed to meet inspection requirements.

The report from March 11 showed there was pest activity in the store. McPeake says the latest inspection was done Monday.

“We did see that they had made significant improvement and they were now in compliance with our regulations. We then released them to continue operating. However, we will continue to go back and make sure that they stay in compliance,” said McPeake.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture said they don’t give the date for future inspections. We reached out to Fred’s for comment, and the human resources department declined comment.

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