Family, friends celebrate murder victim’s birthday with vigil

Family, friends celebrate murder victim’s birthday with vigil
Jaquarious Benjamin

ROCHELLE., GA (WALB) - Tuesday night friends and family remembered a victim killed in a shooting in Rochelle.

Family members said Tuesday was Jaquarious Benjamin’s 19th birthday.

“We were just there together. Just together like, in person,” said Khadayshia Childs, Jaquarious’ best friend.

Investigators say the shooting happened on Dennis Street around 2:30 a.m. March 17. Two other people were injured in the shooting.

“I had just got out the car with him, he was just trying to have a good time. He didn’t bother anybody. My baby was a good child,” said Chakita Benjamin, the victim’s mother.

The GBI arrested Marqavous Coley, 20, and a juvenile in connection with the teenager’s death. Warrants for felony murder and aggravated assault were issued for the two arrested in this case.

“All he wanted was a party to have fun at,” said Childs.

Family and friends say Benjamin was celebrating his upcoming birthday Saturday night before he was shot and killed. Just days later, the family is celebrating his big day with candles, food, and balloons, but without the one they love.

“He wanted to have a good time that’s it. He did have a good time, he did have a good time, and last time I seen my baby he walked out the house and I never thought I’d be burying my child at 19-years-old.” said Chakita.

Benjamin’s mom said Coley bothered her son before he died. The GBI confirmed there was a history of problems between the suspect and the victim.

“He just antagonized him and his cousins for no reason. He was doing nothing though. He would ride past and do like this out the window. We all in the yard chilling, nothing going on. No drama, no nothing,” said JaNayia Lewis, the Jaquarious’ girlfriend.

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