Rams take the field for first day of spring ball

ASU looking to build off of last years 7-1 conference record

ASU takes to the field for the first day of spring practice

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - The grass is cut and there’s a fresh coat of paint on the practice field, so it has to be the start of spring training for the Rams.

It’s crazy to think that football season is already around the corner, but I doubt many people are complaining.

A sea of blue and gold covered the ASU practice field this afternoon, as the Rams took the field for the first time in 2019.

Head coach Gabe Giardina was running around the field hyping his team up, but it didn’t take much, because these Rams were ready.

Coming off that SIAC championship title lose, Giardina said his players are ready to get back after it, and just love the fact they get to take the field.

“It’s like breath is back in our lungs,” said Giardina. “it’s like we’ve got energy and excitement out here. Been missing this thing since November. It feels like we’re alive again. We hibernated all winter, and now it’s Spring. So, let’s go knock some people in the mouth."

As the Rams gets ready for their spring game April 12th, the Rams are just ready to enjoy the time back on the field.

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