Woman wanted after taking off with a victims’ lost funds

Woman wanted after taking off with a victims’ lost funds
This woman is wanted by Dougherty County Police for taking lost funds found in a parking lot store

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -Dougherty County police need your help finding a woman who is on the run after taking off with hundreds of dollars in cash, after a man lost it in a store parking lot.

What would you do if you came across hundreds of dollars in cash money, and didn’t know if someone claimed it?

“I’m an honest person, so if it were reported missing, yeah I would turn it,” said Brent Brown.

Dougherty County police said a man was seen in this surveillance video, dropping $1,600 in cash as he was leaving a Dollar General Store on Newton Road, earlier this month.

“His credit card, his driver licenses, as well as a gift card,” said Detective David Flick.

But all of that now gone, after a woman walks out right after the victim, stops to pick up his envelop and took off.

Originally Brent Brown, said he would report the money only if it were missing.

“Honestly, like I just said I probably would just wait. I think I would just look at it as a blessing,” said Brown.

The thought of thinking you came across your biggest blessing, could place you behind bars.

“Theft of lost or mislaid property, you can actually be charged criminally for not turning in property that you found regardless of the dollar value,” said Flick.

The woman seen in the video, not only broke the law, but did something else out of the ordinary.

“The lady had exited the store and actually came back in,” said Flick.

But when a clerk noticed the familiar face and questioned her about the envelop the woman said this statement: "The lady told her, “the only thing I picked up is my wallet that I dropped.” Flick added.

Police said since what was lost is over $1,500, the woman could face felony charges.

“If it goes to court, it’s liability for damages and have to repay the victim,” said Flick.

So if you believe in the saying of ‘finders keepers, losers weepers’, maybe you should reconsider, like Brown who quickly had a change of heart.

“Now that I know, I would just say be honest about it, just do the right thing,” said Brown.

Police are asking for anyone who may know the suspect, to contact the Dougherty County Police Department immediately.

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