U.S. Attorney working to tackle contraband issue in GA prisons

U.S. Attorney working to tackle contraband issue in GA prisons

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -After three people pleaded guilty to smuggling drugs into Calhoun State Prison, U.S. Attorney, Charlie Peeler wants everyone to know the severity of the current problem in Southwest Georgia.

Attorney Charlie Peeler for the Middle District of Georgia said this is a huge problem right now in federal prisons. We’re told at present, they’re actively investigating more cases.

The attorney said it’s becoming a safety issue for guards and putting many people in danger.

Folks are coming on federal prison facilities and sneaking in drugs and cellphones either themselves or getting prison staff or other workers involved with the facility, to do it for them.

Peeler said it’s a nationwide problem, but it’s one he’s pushing to tackle now, since 65% of Georgia State inmates are in the Middle District. That includes 70 counties.

He adds anyone who is an inmate or facilitate in smuggling contraband into prisons, will be prosecuted even if it’s just a cellphone.

“The problem with cellphones in prisons is, it’s a mechanism for people who have been convicted of crimes, who are serving sentences, to further perpetuate crime from behind bars which is maddening to law enforcement,” said Attorney Charlie Peeler.

Now, he adds it’s important for the entire environment inside a federal prison to be control and in order.

It’s also important for everyone to remember, if you participate in this action, you will face years behind prison and without parole.

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