South GA women provide comfort to suicide victims with support group

South GA women provide comfort to suicide victims with support group
The Dougherty County Coroner says there's been an increase in suicides since 2017

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -A Southwest Georgia woman is starting a support group for families who have lost a loved one to suicide.

The ‘Survivors of Suicide Lost’ support group was started years ago, but within the last 12 months there’s been an increase in participation due to the recent occurrence. Now, the group is hoping to support more families.

Several ladies who were all impacted by suicide got together and formed the survivors group in 2014.

The ladies have been trained by the National Resource Center for Suicide to facilitate the sessions.

Now, the group meets faithfully every second Thursday of each month.

Each session, families are able to share what they are going through in efforts to overcome personal tragedies.

Babs Hall, with Aspire Behavior Health said after losing a close client, she now uses this group to support others.

“I got a call from a couple hours later from the GBI saying that client had died by suicide that night. So I was just very impacted by that and I just felt compelled to make a difference to those people who had been impacted,” said Hall.

Hall states there’s not very many groups like this in Southwest Georgia. Folks from all over the region can join the sessions.

Right now, the meeting location for each session is disclosed.

However, you can visit the Southwest Georgia Suicide Prevention Coalition on Facebook for more information.

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