City finds solution for septic tank overflows in Albany neighborhood

Albany Septic Tank Repairs

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Neighbors in South Albany are facing an ongoing sewage overflow problem.

Around 60 households came to Albany city leaders asking for help because their septic tanks overflow whenever it rains. Now, Albany neighbors are avoiding their front yards whenever it rains.

“A long time ago, I used to have functions in my yard. Very rarely now do I entertain or have people come over for barbecues or whatever because of the sewage basically,” said Albany resident James Terry.

Almost 60 homes in the Shadowlawn Drive area use private septic tanks. Homeowners said after years of wear and tear, the tanks aren’t working like they should.

“It’s just a constant problem in this neighborhood. And I think it’s a good idea the city’s going to put some money in the neighborhood to try and straighten the problem out,” said Terry.

This is an area in the city not served by Sanitary Sewer and the neighbors came to city leaders a year and a half ago, looking for a solution to their ongoing problem.

“They wanted to know what it would take to get sewer extension to their house. They were basically surrounded by sewer in the Gordon Avenue West Town area,” said Assistant City Manager Phil Roberson.

Now city leaders recommend spending a little more than $490,000 to install sewer service lines. This would put the households using private septic tanks on the city’s system, something the neighbors actually requested.

“It helps bring revenue to city and it helps them, the ones having problems with their septic tanks. So it was a win, win for all of us,” explained Roberson.

Rather than paying expensive fees to repair their own septic tanks, they’ll pay a one time fee of around $300 to $500 for tapping into the system and then the monthly fees for the service.

“I guess it’s going to get better with time,” said Terry.

City commissioners will vote on whether to install the sewer lines at their next meeting.

The funds will come from SPLSOT VI.

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Albany Latest Sewage Spill Update

The Environmental Protection Agency has now been notified and water testing is being completed after another sewage spill in Albany.

The latest spill led to 9,000 gallons of sewage leaking out of a pipe at Lift Station 25 Tuesday of last week.

A leak developed in a pipe, while crews were bypass pumping at the station.

The sewage spilled into the Albany Civic Center parking lot and then into the Flint River.

City leaders said leaks like this can happen when there’s pressure on the old pipes as they work to repair them.

“As soon as we had a crew going that left that site, within a few minutes, another crew came along and found it because we’ve got observers going along the river all night long, checking on the river stations during these critical projects we’ve got going on,” said Roberson.

The contractor completing the repairs covered the cost of fixing the leak in the pipe.

Ten lift stations are currently getting $1.2 million upgrades to prevent them from spilling.

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