Calhoun Co. superintendent responds after student is found with ‘hate list’

Edison Hate List

EDISON, GA (WALB) - Parents of students that attend Pataula Charter Academy are concerned with their children’s safety after a student was arrested Monday.

Jackson Stapleton was arrested on Monday, charged with criminal attempt to commit a felony.

WALB is working to find out what’s behind that charge.

Last week, Superintendent Kylie Holley said a student was found with a “hate list” that had names of students and staff that he hated on it.

Holley sent home a letter to parents after the incident occurred and made sure the staff and children on the list were contacted.

“As soon as the investigation was completed, parents of students on the list were informed to give them the details we could,” said Holley.

On Thursday, WALB went to Edison to get a copy of the incident report, but Edison police said the case is still under investigation and that they hope to have the report finished sometime on Friday.

Holley also wanted to clear up any rumors that have been made since the incident.

“However, I will debunk the false rumors WALB asked about. In our investigation it was not reported by any witness nor the student that the list was a ‘hit list’ or ‘rape list.’ There was no weapon found in our search. We also have not received any firsthand account of a threat made on the school since," said Holley.

Holley said that due to this incident, there will now be a heavier police presence at the school.

“Even though the student has not been allowed on campus, we have had increased police presence since the incident to ease parents’ and students’ minds. We intend to keep that security measure the remainder of the year, as well as for events such as prom and graduation," explained Holley.

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