Aspire Behavioral Health announces suicide stats

Aspire on Suicide Rates
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ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Southwest Georgia has the lowest suicide deaths in the state.

That’s according to Aspire Behavioral Health leaders, who just received the new data

Leaders said the stats released last year, show this region only had 81 suicides while other regions had rates in the triple digits.

The entire state is divided into six regions by the Department of Behavioral Health.

Health officials said although the numbers are the lowest, they will continue spreading awareness to adults and children in efforts to bring the numbers down.

“We’re reaching out and expanding to other counties to educate our communities. Also, we do a lot of education in our school system. We want everybody in the school system to know whether it’s the lunchroom lady or the teacher in the classroom,” said Babs Hall, the corporate compliance officer at Aspire Behavioral Health.

Now, this number was based on 13 counties in Southwest Georgia.

Health officials also said state-wide, 76 percent of suicides are committed by men and 24 percent by women.

Hall said most of the suicides are seen in ages 25-34.

Aspire Behavioral Health recently expanded its eight-office operation to Clay, Randolph and Lee counties.

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