‘This was a sign from God’ Podium left standing in Talbotton church destroyed by tornado

‘This was a sign from God’ Podium left standing in Talbotton church destroyed by tornado

TALBOTTON, GA (WTVM) - Some believe it is a sign from God.

After a tornado ripped through parts of Talbot County, one church is sharing how what’s left of the damage is renewing their faith.

“The pulpit was actually here, that was it," said Kimberly Bussey, who has attended the family church since she was a child. “That was all that was left standing.”

In the middle of the devastation stands the church podium at St. Mark.

The church has been located along Highway 315 in Talbotton, Georgia since the early 1900s and for generations of families.

The exact location where pastors have shared words of faith for as long as some members can remember.

While there are no more walls, no more pews, no more instruments or other church furniture, the single podium remains.

“When we got here, I saw everything all over the place. Trees, bricks, everything was thrown all over the place," said Bussey.

Church members said what happened is just a testament of their faith and a reminder of the God they serve.

While they have plans to rebuild, for now, they plan to leave the pulpit where it stands.

“Our mom passed away in December. Our mom always wanted to get the church back renovated how it should be as we can continue to come here. I think it was a sign from God and also a sign from her," said Bussey.

No one was inside the church during the storm.

The mobile home next door was also destroyed.

Anyone who would like to help clean up or donate towards rebuilding fund, contact Fabian at (706 )566-8871 or Kimberly Bussey at (706) 575-1118.

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