Douglas Police: 2 of 3 recent armed robberies may be connected

Douglas Police: 2 of 3 recent armed robberies may be connected
The Douglas Police Department said it was investigating an armed robbery at an Enmarket.

DOUGLAS, GA (WALB) - Police said Wednesday that investigators believe two out of three armed robberies in Douglas since Sunday may be connected.

Douglas Robberies Update

Douglas Police said an armed robbery at the Flash Foods on North Peterson Avenue and one at the Enmarket Store on Willacoochee Highway are possibly connected, because the descriptions of the robbers and how the robberies happened are similar.

The first robbery happened early Sunday morning at Flash Foods.

Detectives said two men, one with a gun, held the clerks at gunpoint early Sunday morning.

Witnesses said the robbers were wearing dark clothing with hoods and had their faces covered.

One of them fired two shots into the ground outside the store, before they ran from the scene.

Then, early Tuesday morning, two men wearing dark clothing with hoods and their faces covered went into the Enmarket Store.

One man had a gun and held the clerk at gunpoint.

They took cigarettes and cash, and ran from the scene.

A third armed robbery happened at a drug store later Tuesday morning, but police said they do not believe it is connected to the other two.

Investigators said two people went in Malcolm's Drug Store on South Peterson Avenue wearing motorcycle helmets.

According to detectives, they forced the people inside to the ground at gunpoint.

They also used zip ties to keep the front door closed.

One of them had a list of items they demanded from the pharmacy.

They left on a motorcycle, but the driver lost control of the motorcycle at an intersection nearby.

Police said the two ran from the scene of the crash.

If you think you may have any information about these robberies, you’re asked to call the Douglas Police Department at (912) 384-2222.

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