Crisp County Sheriff’s Office observes Flood Safety Preparedness Week

Crisp County Sheriff’s Office observes Flood Safety Preparedness Week
December flooding in Crisp County.

CORDELE, GA (WALB) - Deputies in Crisp County are posting flood safety preparedness tips on social media every day this week.

“It was terrible. But you know thank goodness we were safe,” said Joanne Sutton, whose home was damaged by a recent flood.

Sutton’s home was damaged by the December flash floods. She was out of town when the flood happened in the Cedar Lake area. Her husband was home when about 10 inches of rain poured down.

“It got up to the door on the shed back here, that’s how high it got, all the way across. Lawnmower was under water. Everything was under water,” explained Sutton.

To help families living in flood prone areas, Crisp County Sheriff Billy Hancock wants people to know the difference between the terms they use.

“Flood advisory, we’re just saying be aware that there’s some conditions out there that could warrant you to use extra caution,” said Hancock.

There’s also a flash flood warning, meaning you’re getting a downpour for a short amount of time. Flood warning means the rivers and creeks are rising.

“Then we would move up to a flood watch which means the area is susceptible to some flooding. The hazard is there,” said Hancock.

Hancock said trash and limbs block many of the drainage and sewer ditches, forcing the water back into yards and houses.

“We can make sure our drains are clear and the trash is up, it won’t be moved toward those city curbs and streets. We can make sure our ditches and our culverts underneath our ditches are clear,” said Hancock.

That’s all the more reason why Sutton said residents should be cautious.

“Just be real prepared. The water comes up really fast and you know you have to get out as quick as you can,” said Sutton.

The Suttons said even though the flood was in December, it took two months to get their house repaired. They just moved back into their home in February.

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