Changes coming to Lee Co. garbage and landfill fees

Lee Co. Commissioners Price Increase

LEE CO., GA (WALB) - Lee County residents will soon see a fee increase for second garbage cans and at the landfill.

The changes for both will go into effect on March 18.

County leaders said people are still asking for a second garbage can.

"A lot of citizens asked for a second can. The fee was $10.50 per can and that has been increased to $12.75 per can to try and stay in line with the Crisp County Solid Waste Division’s increase in their fee,” said Lee County Co-Manager Mike Sistrunk.

The increase is due to Crisp County raising its prices on cans.

Lee County currently has an agreement with Crisp County for garbage pick up.

The price for the first garbage can will stay the same.

Lee county landfill prices will also go up slightly from three cents a pound to now four cents.

Where it might impact you the most is when you take your storm debris to the landfill.

“Increase tipping fees that we haul off our dumpsters, we have to pay a dumpster fee plus the debris that’s in it. There’s been an increase in it. So the commission approved last night to raise it by 1 cent a pound. So the new cost now is 4 cents a pound to dump your debris,” explained Sistrunk.

The hours of operation will also change.

It will now operate Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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