Meigs residents recovering after severe storm

Meigs residents recovering after severe storm

MEIGS, GA (WALB) - Several Meigs residents are recovering after a severe thunderstorm hit parts of the small Thomas County town.

Thomas County Emergency Management Agency officials told WALB trees were uprooted because of how wet the ground was and wind speeds reached up to 70 mph.

One family escaped unharmed — despite a tree falling through their roof.

Marie Hall told WALB she knew something bad was going to happen when what looked like a white sheet of rain and hail was hurling towards her house.

I heard hail pounding, and the wind started and within seconds I screamed for my husband to come,".
Hall said

But she couldn't get to him before trees began falling all around them.

"There was a loud ‘boom’ and the pictures from the wall all fell,” Hall said.

Marie Hall, Meigs resident (Source: WALB)
Marie Hall, Meigs resident (Source: WALB)

The storm only lasted a few minutes, Hall pointed out, but it left behind a path of destruction.

It was like dominoes. Crash bang, crash bang,”
Hall said

And when the storm passed, Hall looked outside to see all the damage she was hearing moments before.

I was astonished that the house was still standing,”
Hall said.

Their home is the only home that suffered any damage from the storm. But because of the severe thunderstorm, her house is no longer safe to live.

“Our furnishings have to be moved out of the house so they can do their work, because they don’t think it’s safe,” Hall said. "Because the main structures are broken in several places.”

In the meantime, Hall added, they’ll be living with friends while contractors remove all the trees and stabilize their home.

The Hall’s told WALB they know there is going to be a long road of recovery ahead before their home is safe to live in again.

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