'I just hate not feeling safe in my own home’: Valdosta parent scared after weekend shooting

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VALDOSTA, GA (WALB) - A Valdosta woman said she’s scared for her children’s lives after a shooting in her neighborhood over the weekend.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the shooting, according to police.

The fact that someone could have been hurt is the problem for the mom.

She said that she shouldn’t have to worry about her kids being shot in the safety of her own home.

“I would die if my child got shot in the back of the head for sitting on the sofa, in my care," said the concerned resident.

Police are investigating the shooting in the 2400 block of University Drive that left parents uneasy and bullet holes in a home.

WALB spoke to a woman who wanted remain anonymous but said she heard three shots late Saturday night.

“You knew it wasn’t fireworks. You automatically think it’s fireworks or that’s what you want to believe," she said.

She said she feels like she has a right to feel safe in her own home, but instead she’s forced to take extra precautions.

“I feel like as soon as the street lights come on, it’s best for me to get my kids in their bed, make sure they’re laying down, because you never know at any time if there’s a bullet going to come through your house," she said.

She’s not just worried about her kids, she said she’s close with other families in the neighborhood and they’re not letting the crime drive them out.

“My kids play football with all the neighborhood kids. Every single day there’s 30 kids in my yard and there’s two stray bullets," said the resident.

The woman shared that they are thinking about starting a neighborhood watch and would like to see more police patrolling the area.

“I just hate not feeling safe in my own home and not feeling like I can protect my kid in my own home," she said.

The woman said this shooting is the second shooting they’ve seen in recent years.

Police said there has been no word on if the damage was intentional or not. There also hasn’t been any word on suspects.

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