Arlington police chief’s termination revoked

Arlington Police Chief’s termination revoked

ARLINGTON, GA (WALB) - Arlington city council members revoked the un-discussed decision of the mayor’s call to fire the chief of police.

In the letter of termination, one excerpt stated:

“Your unwillingness to support the mayor’s position both publicly and privately indicates to me you have no intention on being the chief of police our city expects and deserves.”

“He totally disrespected me and he can’t follow orders,” said Arlington Mayor Raymond Williams.

These words in reference to Police Chief Donald Bryant during a public hearing Tuesday night.

Bryant was reinstated Tuesday night after being fired by the mayor.

Williams stated Bryant threatened him and for not clocking in and out when on duty.

"How you put it? Your words, You better lay off my police department, and I said 'Wait a minute, you don’t talk to me like that. Your next word was ‘you better take my word for it, that was a threat,’ I don’t care how it came out your mouth, but I took it as a threat.”

We asked Bryant about the threats and he responded with:

“I have no idea where that came from,” exclaimed Bryant.

Bryant said he is a salaried employee, so there was no need for him to clock in and out.

He was being paid an additional hourly salary for being on call 24 hours a day, due to staff shortages.

“Based on what they agreed to do in the past, if I was short staffed I would get a salary for the lowest paid employee that I have,” explained Bryant.

Three of the five city council members able to vote came to the general consensus that proper protocol was not followed.

Two members were advised not to vote, due to conflicts of interest.

And although Bryant is set to return to work, he believes this is only the beginning of more problems.

“The way it happened, I feel like it’s something personal and I’m going to be targeted from now on,” said Bryant.

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