Arlington mayor serves police chief second termination letter

First termination revoked by city council

Arlington mayor serves police chief second termination letter
Arlington Police Chief Donald Bryant

ARLINGTON, GA (WALB) - Arlington’s top cop was served a second letter of termination by the town’s mayor after the city council revoked the mayor’s first call for dismissal.

Police Chief Donald Bryant told WALB Wednesday that Mayor Raymond Williams issued him a second letter of termination.

Bryant said the letter stated that he was suspended and would be terminated upon the city council’s decision at the next March meeting.

The Arlington City Council reinstated Bryant Tuesday after Williams’ call to fire him as police chief.

Conflicting personalities and the personal lives of the mayor, police chief, and city council all are combined, ending up with the city of Arlington with less police protection.

But Williams said he is standing firm, demanding the police chief be fired.

“The chief said he can’t work with no one he can’t supervise... and I feel the same way,” exclaimed Williams.

Williams served Bryant a second time, with a suspension with pay and pending termination letter, Wednesday.

“The city attorney had told me that my write up was incorrect and so I asked her to give me a copy of how it should be,” stated Williams.

Bryant was fired by Williams on March 8, without going through the proper process.

The initial termination letter states:

"As mayor I am terminating your employment effective immediately"-- an attempt to do so without a mandatory vote from council members.

“Here, you write somebody up the council got to vote on it, I never understood that--I ain’t see nowhere in the regulations, I might’ve missed it or misread it, but I didn’t see that,” explained Williams.

Not following protocol is not the only thing that is raising eyebrows.

Potential conflicts of interest due to personal relationships with the mayor and council, could present complications.

“Councilman Aldridge and myself, we live together and we’ve been dating for awhile, so I guess that would be a conflict of interest if that’s what they want to call that,” said Williams.

We asked Williams if he believes his relationship with Aldridge would affect the vote of Bryant in anyway, he responded:

“She got her own mind, I don’t persuade nobody, you got your own mind you vote how you please,” proclaimed Williams.

Turmoil between leadership poses another question.

When asked if he feels his city is in disarray, Williams replied, “Yes... Yes."

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