Lady Jets make third straight national playoff appearance

South Georgia Tech takes the number 19 spot in the NJCAA national playoffs

Lady Jets make third straight national playoff appearance
(Source: Lady Jets basketball)

AMERICUS, GA (WALB) - Since the hiring of head coach James Frey, the Lady jets have been clicking on all cylinders.

After capturing their third straight district championship, the Jets awaited their national playoff fate.

The Lady Jets have proven themselves all season long, but it looks like the road to the national title won’t be easy.

After taking a 19-0 conference title, the Lady Jets were still placed in the number 19 spot.

Head coach James Frey says they know the road won’t be easy, but it’s time to prove, just how good the Lady Jets truly are.

“Expect the unexpected," said Frey. "You never know. Obviously we’re thrilled to be there. I think we’re probably at a point now where it’s not about being there anymore. You know, we want to go out and win games. I’m excited for the young ladies who haven’t been. It’s gunna be a great experience for them. I’m glad we’ve got five or six that have been. That they can lean on for advice. You know, for what to expect. what it’s going to be like, all those type things.”

The lady Jets will have to take on the 14 seed, Trinity Valley in the first round, Tuesday March 19th at 10 A.M.

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