Howard University student partners with DCSS

Howard University student partners with DCSS
Howard University partners up with DCSS.

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Ravon Campbell is a junior at Howard University and is a part of the Alternate Spring Break Program, where she is helping Dougherty County students with tutoring, homework, and acting as a role model to them.

Campbell says giving up her spring break to make an impact in others has made her happy.

“By me just being a part of this organization where it is impacting and making a difference on someone’s life. I feel as if it is an honor and a privilege,” says Campbell.

Howard University partners up with DCSS. (Source: WALB)
Howard University partners up with DCSS. (Source: WALB)

Campbell is with forty other Howard University students and she says they encourage everyone to get involved in community service projects.

“One of my motto’s is be sufficient while helping others along the way and community service actually not only helps makes a difference in someone else’s life it actually makes a difference in mine,” says Campbell.

Campbell says being in a place where people are so welcoming and friendly even with many having lost everything after recent natural disasters, has warmed her heart.

“People are just welcoming and just happy and just thrilled for you just to be here to serve their city after they have been hit with the devastation of these hurricanes and tornadoes,” says Campbell.

Campbell says she is encouraging students to look forward to college and their futures.

“You can want better, you can do better, no matter where you come from no matter the circumstances. You can do it," says Campbell.

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