Stacey Abrams says 2020 presidential run is ‘on the table’

Stacey Abrams says 2020 presidential run is ‘on the table’

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Democrat Stacey Abrams is considering another run at a political seat, and this time it may be for the president of the United States.

In a tweet Monday, Abrams said, “2020 is definitely on the table”.

Back in November 2018, Abrams fell short of votes during the governor’s race against now Gov. Brian Kemp, saying “the state failed its voters" and noted that more than a million people “found their names stripped from the rolls by the secretary of state” and that tens of thousands were held in limbo with their ballots rejected “due to human error and a system of suppression that had already proven its bias.”

Over the past year, Abrams filed a series of lawsuits against the state of Georgia for voters suppression.

If she does become a presidential nominee, she adds to the long list of Democratic candidates including Senators Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris.

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