Crews respond to Lake Blackshear RV fires

Lake Blackshear Mobile Home Fire

SUMTER CO., GA (WALB) - Sumter County Fire and Rescue along with Crisp County Fire Department responded to multiple RV fires on Highway 280 and Culpepper Drive Saturday night.

A retired couple fled from their home Saturday night with only the clothes on their back.

Some of their best friends received the first phone call after they escaped their burning home.

Regina Gill is a friend of the couple and says "They called us 6:30-7:30 this morning and they said the campers had all burned up and they lost the dogs.”

She continues “They called us because it was the only number they could remember.”

The Hogue's are retirees who lost everything including cell phones, clothes and even all three of their dogs during Saturday night's fire in Lakeshore Marine RV Park.

The Hogue's could not be reached for comment but their friends are thankful they made it out alive.

Gill says “Just what they had on, what they had on when it happened, about an hour after they went to bed and they don’t know what happened.”

Eye witnesses say multiple RVs and the items on those properties including boats and golf carts were engulfed.

Many say they heard propane tanks explode during the fire.

When crews arrived, the RVs was fully in engulfed with propane cylinders exploding, according to Facebook.

According to Fire and Rescue, two cars and a boat were destroyed.

There were around 30 fire fighters needed from both Sumter and Crisp counties to control the flames.

Sumter Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Jerry Harmon says “approximately 11:29 last night we responded to a report of a structure fire. we had about a minute and half response time."

Chief Harmon says “Units were still on the scene during the investigation as of about 10:00 this morning the fire was actually under control within about the first two, two and a half hours.”

Another RV owner, who didn’t want to go on camera, says she is thankful insurance will cover her loss.

She is even more thankful her neighbors made it to safety in time.

Sumter County Fire and Rescue would like to thank Crisp County and Leslie Fire Department for their assistance, the Facebook post stated.

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