Congressman Sanford Bishop assess tornado damage in Cairo

Congressman Sanford Bishop assesses tornado damage in Cairo

CAIRO, GA (WALB) - Congressman Sanford Bishop stopped in Cairo to assess the devastating tornado damage this morning.

WALB News 10 talked with him and local rescue workers as he walked around to get a closer look.

Homes and businesses were damaged. Congressman Bishop walked the streets of Cairo Saturday morning, looking at the ravaged homes after a tornado ripped through the area Sunday.

“I came to survey the damage and to actually help and to provide assistance and encouragement,” said Bishop.

Bishop says GEMA did preliminary assessment of the damage Friday and they’ve filed paperwork for federal assistance.

“They’re processing that and as soon as they analyze the data, the tremendous devastation here, they will determine what assistance will be available,” said Bishop.

Grady County Fire Chief Richard Phillips says people still had tarps on their homes from Hurricane Michael. Now they have to fight to recover, again.

“Still got 120 homes that’s without power and it’s probably gonna be a little bit before they get power on cause they were damaged so bad,” Phillips.

Phillips says 14 homes and three businesses were demolished. One hundred and twenty nine homes and 38 businesses were declared damaged by FEMA Friday.

Rescue workers asked the state for more time.

“We sent up a request for for an extension on the state of emergency through the governors office,” said Phillips.

Workers hauled about 800 tons of debris to the landfill.

“He granted that to use yesterday. That permits us to utilize Georgia DOT to help us finish hauling debris through next Friday,” said Phillips.

Right now, Phillips says all roads are clear.

He tells us that shelters closed Friday after a few people stayed but left.

Red Cross will be in the area until Tuesday.

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