EF-1 tornado sends Miller Co. man to ICU, county in recovery mode

Miller Co. Storm Damage

COLQUITT, GA (WALB) - Miller County leaders said the southwestern part of the county saw the damage after an EF-1 tornado went through their area Sunday.

WALB News 10 crews were on Mason Road looking to talk to residents about what they saw during that tornado on Sunday, but not many residents live out in the area.

Some are getting their houses repaired or some left because their house was left in shambles.

Miller Co. storm recovery

Only bits and pieces left behind in some yards after the tornado came through Miller County.

One resident encountered the whirlwind face to face.

“I came to the door, I shouldn’t ever opened it. When I opened the door, it tried to take it away from me. And that’s when I looked out and realized that wasn’t no train, that was a tornado,” said James Miller, a resident.

Although Miller didn’t see any damage to his home, he said the storm that seemed to last only two minutes, hit a home of another man down the street and left it completely destroyed.

“When I saw it, I just figured he was dead because the house wasn’t no trailer, it was a little utility shed like, and it was tore up,” said Miller.

Cory Thomas, the deputy EMA director, said this was the only home completely damaged.

Cory Thomas, deputy EMA director for Miller County (Source: WALB)
Cory Thomas, deputy EMA director for Miller County (Source: WALB)

The man who lived in it was thrown from it and found the next day laying injured in rubbish on his property.

“Lacerations to his head as well as some damage to his leg. He was life-flighted from Colquitt to Dothan,” said Thomas.

Thomas said 100 mph winds left minor roof damage, to a house shifted off its blocks.

Miller said after enduring the tornado and Hurricane Michael, he’s just grateful to be alive.

“All I can say is, God is good all the time, and all the time, God is good,” said Miller.

Officials said that the man who used to live in the destroyed home is still in a hospital in Dothan in ICU, but he is stable.

Thomas said yards and yards of debris is still left from Hurricane Michael and they’re trying to bounce back to normal conditions.

“We’re a small community but we have big resolve and we just have to keep pressing on until we get everything cleaned up and we can get our lives back to some sort of sense of normalcy,” said Thomas.

Thomas said that storm recovery after Hurricane Michael could take about two years.

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