Parents discuss Worth Co. High principal

Parents discuss Worth Co. High principal

WORTH CO., GA (WALB) - Parents meeting in Worth County Thursday night agreed that if Worth County’s Board of Education doesn’t want its high school principal, Harley Calhoun, then some other school will.

This comes after the principal’s position was posted available online.

HAPPENING NOW: A parent meeting in support of the Wort County High School Principal Harley Calhoun, after his position was posted available online.

Posted by Marilyn Parker WALB on Thursday, March 7, 2019

After hearing the parents’ concerns, it’s clear that not only do they want stability in the school system, but they want it with someone who they said has shown them commitment to the growth and education of their students.

Stories of his leadership, his care, and his compassion filled the Sumner Auditorium Thursday night.

Parents and students shared stories of experiences with Worth County High School Principal Harley Calhoun.

“A man who was there when it felt like nobody else is, he really is,” said one student at the meeting.

It all started when Calhoun’s position was posted available online.

Students marched in protest, and the Worth County School superintendent declining to comment.

Tim Ulm also shared his story Thursday night, but couldn’t help but think of the damage this situation has brought to his community.

“This really shines a bad spot on our county,” said Ulm.

Harley Calhoun. (Source: WALB)
Harley Calhoun. (Source: WALB)

Parents said they hope the board makes their decision with the children in mind.

“Many of them don’t even have stability at home, they need it at school, they have it with him,” said one parent.

Teachers at the meeting said Calhoun’s removal, could bring on a ripple effect.

“If Mr. Calhoun does not stay here as principal, he is not the only one this school is going to lose,” said one teacher.

Also saying it could dig an even deep whole.

Tim Ulm. (Source: WALB)
Tim Ulm. (Source: WALB)

“There is a great teacher shortage in the state of Georgia, it is worse in South Georgia because we are rural. We need to appreciate them and a part of it is to listen to them and they are saying we want Harley Calhoun,” said one concerned citizen.

Ulm said he doesn’t think Calhoun has had enough of a chance to make changes.

“If he is not given the opportunity to continue on as principal, who is going to come in after him, who is going to want to come in after him, what kind of quality leadership, what kind of quality principal are we going to have to come take his spot,” said Ulm.

From the meeting’s testimonials, one could say Calhoun still managed to impact many lives in his time at Worth County High.

Two board members were present at the meeting.

WALB spoke with the chairman of the board who said he hopes all of this can be resolved soon.

There is a special called meeting Monday at 6:30 p.m. where the board will enter executive session to likely discuss this matter.

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