Tifton man advocating for GA farmers in Washington D.C.

Tifton man advocating for Georgia farmers in Washington D.C.

WORTH COUNTY, GA (WALB) - Ricky Dollison lives in Tifton and grows crops in Poulan. He’s headed to Washington D.C. bright and early Thursday.

“Things happening all over the country and we don’t want them to forget us,” said Dollison.

Dollison will be in D.C. for a week, talking to Georgia senators and congressmen in the AG division about the 2018 Farm Bill and what farmers need in the Peach State.

“Some of the things we’ll be talking about, the things that work and don’t work and also we’ll be talking about research and development on different crops,” said Dollison.

Dollison is representing the Farm Journal Foundation. The non-profit is about four years old.

Dollison is among several farmers chosen to represent their state when talking to lawmakers. The leaders come back to their states and relay the information they’ve learned to farmers at conferences.

“The Farm Journal Foundation, we work with large farmers, small farmers, middle farmers, women, we work with farmers, so whoever needs our help, that’s what we do,” said Dollison.

Dollison will discuss money given to universities to help small farmers. He said farmers want to continue getting advice from AG agents, but he feels there’s a shortage of representatives.

“Our farmers are spread around so, and the extension agents have to travel so. So, sometimes, if we need an extension agent and if it takes him a week to get to us, it could be a problem,” said Dollison.

The foundation also has a program called Farmers Feeding the World where they teach those that are less fortunate how to plant.

“We do this all over the world, so we help people in other countries learn how to feed themselves,” said Dollison.

Dollison said he’s working on having a conference at Ft. Valley State University in April so he can tell farmers what he learned during his trip to Washington D.C. He said the conference will be just in time for the upcoming planting season.

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