Gas problems arise from former city manager

Gas problem arise from city manager

DAWSON, GA (WALB) - After a number of discrepancies were found in the city of Dawson’s gas system, we learned consultants said many of the problems were swept under the rug by former Dawson City Manager Barney Parnacott.

A gas consultant found a long list of problems that have not been attended to for the past three years.

The consultant said many of those problems where brought to the attention of former city manager Barney Parnacott, who is currently in the Terrell County Jail charged aggravated sodomy.

We spoke with one woman Wednesday who said she’s had problems with gas leaks at her home, and said she isn’t surprised to find out that Parnacott didn’t do anything about it.

Penny Keefe flips through pictures of an old gas leak outside of her home, that she said took city workers a year to come and fix.

This comes just days after a gas consultant found a long list of problems in the cities gas systems, that hadn’t been addressed by former city manager Barney Parnacott.

“I don’t think he had the city’s best interest at heart ever,” said Keefe.

Penny Keefe. (Source: WALB)
Penny Keefe. (Source: WALB)

She said it took numerous phone calls and trips to city hall to get something done to the gas leak that she said crews just wrapped duct tape around to fix.

“That’s so they didn’t have to fix it, That doesn’t stop leakage, that just makes them feel like they did something,” she said.

Interim City Manager James Woods said the conditions of those pipes and the other problems listed could’ve been fixed with the budget from the last two to three years when Parnacott was there.

“He didn’t make the council aware of it. He didn’t make an effort to put items in the budget,” said Woods.

Woods said the Public Service Commission could take matters into their own hands, and leave the city without gas.

“If they find that we are not responsive and we are not doing what we need to do they can actually shut the gas systems down,” he said.

James Woods. (Source: WALB)
James Woods. (Source: WALB)

He said the city will try to find the money to fix these problems.

Keefe said that Parnacott had other intentions for the city’s money, and that’s why the problems are coming up now.

“He didn’t want to spend the money, he was spending the money on things for himself,” she said.

Woods said they are also looking to hire more employees for the gas department, as only one person is working there now.

He also said the city received a loan to purchase a system that will locate gas leaks.

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