Nearly 700 dogs look for home after being rescued from puppy mill

700 dogs look for post-puppy mill home

BERRIEN CO., GA (WALB) - Almost 700 dogs are hoping to find their forever home after being rescued from a puppy mill in South Georgia, according to the Berrien Sheriff’s Department.

The puppy mill where more than 630 dogs were seized was located near Barney Parker Road.

“It’s kind of like a farm," said Animal Services Director Linda Patelski.

Patelski even went as far as to say that some puppy mill dogs have it even worse than farm animals.

“They’re kept in small cages. They’re bred only to have litters. They’re not there to get love and attention. They’re just a mouth to feed and something to have litters," said Patelski.

Late last week, one Berrien County man voluntarily surrendered hundreds of animals after a routine dog breeder inspection by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

“We’ll give it normal care. That means de-worming the animal, vaccinating it, feeding it normally, giving it normal water, and normal housing conditions. Then we’ll watch the animal’s progression into health," said Patelski.

The next step is usually finding the pets a good home and sometimes prosecution for irresponsible pet owners.

“When people get animals and you can tell that they know better and they’re just not good pet owners, we might prosecute," said Patelski.

The man told the agencies involved in this case that several situations had arisen beyond his control that led to an inability to maintain the dogs he had in his possession.

There is no word on any charges at this point.

This investigation is active and ongoing.

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